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About Cook & Craigen

Real-life improvements from psychological testing

Cook & Craigen offer a range of psychological testing services to individuals, families and organisations around the world. With over two and a half decades of experience between them, Drs Cook and Craigen are high calibre practitioners who have provided quality assessment services for individuals and families across Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Laos, and the United Kingdom. 


Their expertise includes working with non-native English speaking individuals and their competence allows them to adjust standardised measures to the needs of each unique individual, allowing such tools to become meaningful indicators of behaviour, language use, intelligence and academic performance despite language and cultural barriers.


Dr. Alison Cook

Assessment Consultant

Dr. Alison Cook received her medical degree from London University, specialising in Family Medicine, and possesses a full understanding of physical and cognitive developmental milestones. Her expertise encompasses Psychoeducational Assessments, as well as Custody Assessments for families undergoing divorce proceedings in the Family Court.

Dr. Kristie Craigen

Clinical Psychologist & Psychometric Testing Specialist

Dr. Kristie Craigen  is a psychometric testing and programme development specialist with almost 15 years assessment experience in clinical, educational and organizational contexts. She  specializes in the assessment and evaluation of children and adolescents who are experiencing behavioural, emotional and/or academic difficulties.


The Independent Practitioners Alliance (IPA)

Trusted professionals in our referral network

Drs. Cook and Craigen operate under an Independent Practitioners Alliance (IPA). Over the course of their clinical practice, Drs. Cook and Craigen have come to trust and rely upon an additional array of extremely well qualified mental health and educational professionals to which they can refer their assessment clients for further treatment if necessary. These hand-picked therapists and educational experts come with Dr. Cook and Dr. Craigen’s personal guarantee of quality, knowledge and professionalism.


Amber Foster is an Educational Psychologist with 17 years of teaching experience. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Spanish from University of California, Davis and her Master’s in Educational Psychology from Ball State University in Indiana. Amber’s many years of teaching experience give her a unique ability to help children with their learning needs. She now provides high quality psychoeducational assessments and ADHD coaching services.


Jessica Bain has been a special needs and inclusive education teacher for 10 years in five countries. She works with learners with a variety of learning needs to provide intervention and support. She is able and happy to work with families vis Skype and FaceTime in the Asia/Pacific region. For more information please visit


Rick Smith is an educational therapist and co-parenting coordinator with over 20 years experience. He specialises in creating and implementing co-parenting plans as well as child-focused learning plans that address emotional and academic challenges. Utilizing an evidence-based academic skills that improve time management, organisation, focus and attention. he offers counselling for stress and anxiety related to academic issues and school avoidance. 


Dr. Jenifer Chan provides personalised care for both children and adults. She has a broad range of experience from her extensive training in the UK, where she was a consultant at the South Maudsley Hospital, Kings College Hospital London before relocating to Hong Kong. She is fluent in English and Cantonese to diagnose and provide medication for a range of conditions. Dr. Chan can liaise with your family doctors and psychologists in order to provide optimal care for her patients. Skype sessions are available for those who are not able to attend their sessions in the clinic.


Claire Christopher M. Coun. is committed to providing support to children, adolescents and adults who are facing life challenges by helping them develop the insight and skills needed to live a happy and fulfilled life. Claire has experience of dealing with a range of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, body image, self-esteem and confidence, addiction, life transitions and relationship difficulties.  Claire uses a range of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centred Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to provide client-specific counselling based on each client’s individual situation, needs and goals. 


Katrina Rozga CCC MC (Psych) works with children, teens and adults on a variety of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, behavioural problems, ADHD and social difficulties. She also provides support and counseling to families. She offers in-person and online services on the client's preferred platform.

Aleks George Srbinoski carries out consultations via Skype/Facetime, and is based in London. He has worked as a practitioner in a variety of private and institutional settings in Sydney and across Australia before moving to the UK. Aleks employs a range of evidence-based methods, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based therapies, Psychodynamic therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and evidence-based hypnosis for a wide range of psychological and emotional concerns.

Fiona McElhone has been a Speech and Language Therapist for almost 20 years, practicing in Australia, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, working private practice, schools and with in-home clients. She enjoys working with children of all ages and ability levels to improve their communication skills. Ms. McElhone is pleased to provide online speech therapy services.


Noel Roberts Noel Roberts is the founder of ZHL Consulting, the first company of its kind in South West China. ZHL takes the full functions normally provided by in-house school counselors and replicates them in a single system of supports for the benefit of all schools in that region.

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