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Assessment Invigilators

Become an Invigilator for your school

Students are tested individually in a quiet, distraction-free and confidential environment (either at home or school) monitored by an onsite invigilator. The invigilator will assist the student to join the virtual testing session with Cook & Craigen Examiners, provide all the appropriate testing materials and questionnaires, as well as monitor student performance to ensure time constraints are adhered to and test items are completed by the student, without the assistance of a third party or information found online. Students view the test stimuli on their screen and their responses will be either given verbally to the examiners or written on the response booklets provided by the invigilator.

Continuously viewing the student’s webcam over the course of the virtual session will allow examiners to observe students as they complete their responses. All ability and achievement tests are licenced from publishers. Once the assessment is complete, the onsite invigilator collects all testing materials. Response booklets are then sent on to Cook & Craigen headquarters in H.K. for scoring, interpretation and report generation.

Drs. Cook and Craigen are dedicated to finding ways to simplify this process with online tools without compromising the accuracy and usefulness of the information they gather. Their online protocols are designed to collect robust data from clients with the assistance of an invigilator. The data collected can then be analyzed and processed quickly, resulting in a rapid turnaround of results and recommendations that can be put into action for the benefit of the child.

Invigilators assist with the following:

  • Help the child join the virtual session

  • Provides all the appropriate testing materials and questionnaires

  • Monitors student performance, keeps time and ensures all test items are completed by the student

  • Collects all testing materials and response booklets and sends them to Drs. Cook & Craigen

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