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For separated or divorced parents struggling to determine appropriate visitation and access arrangements of shared children.

Custody Evaluations are typically ordered by the Court when families undergoing divorce proceedings cannot reach agreement on arrangements for the children; psychological evaluation of each of the family members helps the Judge to determine what custody arrangements will be in the child’s best interests. 


The aim of our data-driven report is to not only provide measured information on the psychological functioning of each family member but to highlight the strengths each parent can offer and thereby maximise the child’s exposure to these. The report also serves to document the parenting concerns of each party, so they are fully heard, and to address these in the final section of recommendations. The report recommendations further aim to promote self-healing amongst each participant and provide for a continuing forum to monitor the adequacy of the arrived-at arrangements.   


Custody Evaluations thereby add clarity for families at this extremely distressing time, highlighting specific difficulties faced by each of the children and suggesting a helpful path forwards.


Contact Dr. Craigen for a telephone consultation if you would like more information about a Custody Evaluation.

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