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Dr. Alison Cook

Assessment Consultant


Dr. Alison Cook received her medical degree from London University, specialising in Family Medicine. She worked as a GP and a community and schools’ doctor in the UK, gathering a deep understanding of the cognitive, physical, and emotional milestones that children achieve throughout their development. She augmented her knowledge and training with the British Psychological Society and has worked for more than a decade in Hong Kong to provide clients comprehensive psychological assessments. Her expertise encompasses Psychoeducational Assessments, as well as Custody Assessments for families undergoing divorce proceedings in the Family Court. She has a strong interest in supporting children to achieve their full potential and her comprehension of the school system in Hong Kong has been furthered through the education of her four children here.

In addition, Dr. Cook has served for 11 years on the Executive Committee of the Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong and she is the current Vice-President.

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