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Presenters at the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools Technology Conference

The Efficacy of Online Assessments: Will psychologists return to traditional administration of psychoeductional assessment tools post pandemic?

Human behaviour, however random, bizarre or atypical, can be quantified and measured. Gathering this data and analyzing the themes and patterns within it illuminates an individual or family system's unique areas of strength and weakness. This information can then be used to make predictions (accurate guesses) about future behaviour, guide the decision-making process with respect to treatment and intervention, or determine the appropriate course of action required to solve complex social, behavioural, or emotional problems. Accurate assessment findings can change lives by helping individuals and families get the support they need to be their best selves.

In educational settings, remote, off-site or online psychometric testing has been conducted across in the United States, with valid and reliable outcomes, for more than a decade. Online test administration is also nothing new to organizational psychologists in charge of employee selection and development. However, until now, this virtual mode of assessment has not been seen across Asia but the COVID-19 pandemic has ensured that access to this mode of delivery is now essential for the assessment of student needs for those attending English-medium international schools geographically remote or underserviced regions throughout Mainland China, South East Asia, and Central Asia.

This session will give:

  • Participants the opportunity to learn more about the positives outcomes of online assessment and teletherapy; 

  • A demonstration of an online psychoeducational assessment from the perspective of a student and;

  • Tips for integrating virtual assessment and therapy services into their school;

  • Educators access to clinicians for a dedicated Q & A session which will provide real examples of success stories across various schools and locations. 

Duration:  60 minutes

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