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Our Reach has Grown: Teaming Up with Schools in Laos

With the continuing global travel restrictions imposed by Covid, we are delighted to add Laos to the list of countries we serve with remote assessments! We are very successfully working with schools in China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, India, the U.K. and Uzbekistan and now welcome on board Laos. We are also looking forward to adding schools in Japan to our online community later this year.

Using Data for Real-life Improvements.

Cook & Craigen specialize in providing assessment services to expatriates and/or local students being educated in geographically remote English-medium international schools throughout Mainland China, South East Asia, and Central Asia & we've just teamed up with several schools in Laos.

Dr. Cook and Dr. Craigen are dedicated to finding ways to simplify the assessment process without compromising the usefulness (predictive utility) of the information they gather. Together they strive to make the quality of assessment findings better (more accurate), faster in terms of report generation turnaround and cheaper! To do this, assessment data has been streamlined into a concise and easily digested report format that trims superfluous narratives, cuts costs and allows more families to access this service.

Better. Faster. Cheaper.

For more information or to become an on-site proctor at your school please visit our Assessment Invigilators page under the Services tab on this website.

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