Online Testing

Is your child struggling socially, behaviourally, emotionally and/or academically either at home or school?

No child is perfect! But if your child is having continued trouble learning, making friends, or controlling their emotions, a Psychoeducational Assessment can help. Our comprehensive assessments can identify the problem, provide answers and solutions and make recommendations for improvement. 

Early intervention is always beneficial for the best outcomes. If you are worried about your child, contact us today for a free 20-minute consultation.

At Cook & Craigen Assessments we:

  • Identify a child’s strengths as well as challenges

  • Adopt a holistic approach -- to examine each child's cognitive, academic and socio-emotional functioning

  • Involve teachers as well as parents to get a full picture of the child across home, school and social settings

  • Use a wide range of up-to-date, accurate, standardised assessment tools

  • Produce a comprehensive written report that is recognised by health professionals, schools and examination boards worldwide 

  • Support your family and help educators understand their student’s challenges in order to get them the assistance they most need

We also offer shorter assessments to: 

  • Highlight a child’s progress following a previous psychoeducational assessment and interventions, and update data on current functioning

  • Support application for exam accommodations/access arrangements for those already carrying a diagnosis

  • Provide information for boarding school applications

  • Identify an individual’s ‘IQ’ 

Online Assessments

Cook & Craigen will start each Online Assessment by conducting a 30-minute virtual clinical interview with parents/guardian. Parents can also elect for their child’s teacher(s) to participate in an additional 30-minute virtual clinical interview.

Students are tested individually in a quiet, distraction-free and confidential environment (either at home or school) monitored by an onsite invigilator. The invigilator will assist the student to join the virtual testing session with Cook & Craigen Examiners, provide all the appropriate testing materials and questionnaires, as well as monitor student performance to ensure time constraints are adhered to and test items are completed by the student, without the assistance of a third party or information found online. Students view the test stimuli on their screen and their responses will be either given verbally to the examiners or written on the response booklets provided by the invigilator.

Continuously viewing the student’s webcam over the course of the virtual session will allow examiners to observe students as they complete their responses. All ability and achievement tests are licenced from publishers. Once the assessment is complete, the onsite invigilator collects all testing materials. Response booklets are then sent on to Cook & Craigen headquarters in Hong Kong for scoring, interpretation and report generation. 

The findings of this confidential report will be shared virtually with parents. Teachers can be included at the discretion of parents.