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Online Interventions and Apps

Computerized sessions for anxiety and depression in youth:

Daily guided meditation for restlessness, distractability, anxiety and depression:

Free language learning resources for your classroom:

Online tools for investigating behaviour change:

Sensa gives individuals the tools to help improve symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, stress, and burnout

Useful Information Websites and Ebooks

ADHD and Learning Differences:

Behaviour Modification:

10 Best Brain Training Programs for Children with ADHD:

EAL Assessment Framework for Schools:

Executive Function 101:

19 Best Positive Psychology Interventions:

10 Free Financial Literacy Games:

Fine Motor Skill Development:

Healthy Brain Tips (alternatives to prescription medicines):

High Potential Learners:

Language Assessment for Mulitlingualism:

Staff Guide to Accommodations and Modifications:

Psychological testing for real-life improvements

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